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Syrup, Sauce, Fruit and Bliss : The Perfect Waffle experience at Gelato Creamery Sale

Undoubtedly Waffles are a beloved treat for a fancy lunch or a dinner date enjoyed by our customers at Gelato Creamery Sale. Our delightful waffles are known for their distinctive fluffy texture, fresh aroma, delicious toppings for every sweet tooth. Get your hands on our timeless collection as we serve range of dessert options to choose from. For those special days you can even create your own waffle with your favourite toppings - How cool is that !

Visit our branch at Sale for best dine-in experience or we are just a click away for delivering food to your doorstep ; After all who would want to miss the joy of fresh desserts at the comfort of home as our delivery services cover Sale, Altrincham, Brooklands, Chorlton, Urmston, Stretford, Partington, Timperley, Salford, Greater Manchester. Online orders are now made easy with our gelato creamery sale app available on ios and android.

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